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Studio Mox. is an Australian multidisciplinary design studio. With a creative focus fueled by passion and design paradigms opposing mediocrity; we strive to ensure each project the best of our design potential. We consider design to be a translation process. Our studio is tailored towards transforming abstract and conceptual ideas into pragmatic tangible forms. The scope and richness of this translation process is a constituent we enjoy working collaboratively with our clients to achieve. By approaching every project as an open learning process, we endeavor to create work that generates ingenuity at its best. As a creative agency, we currently engage in: ▩ Architecture ▣ Landscape Design & Construction ▦ Project / Contract Management ◫ Art & Creative Direction Mox stands as a repository for exploration and experimentation, as part of our attempt to push boundaries and set new precedents. Our understanding of production processes and techniques enable us to offer inventive content strategies that merge our experience and create holistic design outputs. We firmly believe good design isn't a luxury and it's within our Studio's initiative to realise this vision

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