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Over the last 20 years, I worked with both startup and medium-size developers. I led different kinds of projects from simple house development to complex built. When I started my property development venture in 2016, I applied the industry-standard process and methodology. Problems occur, and the industry-standard encourages ‘tucking the problems under the carpet'. Those problems will grow. If left unresolved, it can take good people like you into severe financial hardship simple because one person did a lousy job. In my experience, it cost me around 10% of my development, or about $200k. This is the industry standard you see day in day out. Especially if you are using the industry-standard process and haven't got your own tested and tailored workflow. Since that experience, I started to break tasks down and build a new, efficient workflow design for success and on track to deliver my fifth project. So… What does it mean for you? Well… if you are looking for an Architect with a system that tackles these Council and Builder problems? Or, if you are the established developer looking for an Architect that hit the ground running, using your system? Contact me and find out how you can get a better result from your Architect.

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