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THE ARTMADE STUDIO Founded in 2002, ArtMade Architects is a boutique architecture studio in Surry Hills, Sydney. Our team of highly experienced architects and projects managers are passionate about creating captivating designs and exceptional results for our clients. Over 25 years we have built our brand around the philosophy that good design comes from expertise and inspiration and that creativity leads to innovative and sustainable solutions. We're a brand that believes true craftsmanship is built on the foundation of integrity and within each wall is a layer of trust and passion. We stand behind the quality of our work because to us each client is an extension of our tightly woven family. OUR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY At ArtMade, we believe that excellent design is a direct result of thorough initial planning, strategy and creative. The first stage of a project is crucial when it comes to taking your vision from concept to reality. We take the time to understand your brief and budget, interpret statutory and planning controls and liaise with specialist consultants. These are fundamental steps in ensuring your project runs smoothly from concept through to completion. Our design philosophy is centred around creating functional and dynamic spaces that integrate sustainable design and modern materials to produce exceptional end results. When you work with us, you can expect a combination of innovative thinking and precise execution, resulting in captivating design solutions.

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